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  1. What a lot of research/work you did. Great job! You should be proud. An historic document. Even I, a can opener-challenged cook, may try preparing some of the recipes; they make my mouth water and they bring back memories. I won’t, however, attempt to sing the songs — be thankful.

    A fine Web site, too.

  2. Very very nice! and thank you soo much for mentioning my dad! He sure did like to have a good time. I always remember him singing, especially while cooking….I hope alot of people check this out and it brings back good memories for them as it did for me!

    It was a lot of hard work you can tell, but I am sure you enjoyed as well.

  3. About “Crabs, Moon Mazzer-style”.
    I, as a well disciplined crabs’ hunter, cannot live without commenting on the recipes of cooking crabs described in the above article.
    To my opinion, the best way is just to boil crabs. Concretely; 1) to catch crabs, 2) cool them with ice and make them be non-active, 3) steam them with sliced ginger, cut long white scallion and shaoxing rice wine.
    To my regret, it is not Italian style.

    by Takashi Endo, Tokyo

  4. Hi, you do a very good job with the songs lyrics! About ” Bella va in cantina, La”: calca i moi means “press the springs” (of the bed) and pirla ‘l fè is “turn the hay”

  5. I just stumbled across this gem while searching for confirmation of my translation of La Domenica Andando alla Messa. Thank you so much for this work! I have printed it all out and will add it to my resources. Grazie!

  6. mille grazi!!!! My grandparents are from Piemonte and Liguria and I am trying to learn some of the songs of the region. Your Mazzolin is a tremendous resource which I know took many, many hours of work. I have so much to learn and this will be a huge help, especially since you have notes and versions of the songs.

    You probably know about the recordings done by Alan Lomax and Diego Carpitella in the mid 1950’s, but in case you don’t, google alan lomax italian treasury. There are about a dozen?? CDs, but no listing of them in one place (something I’m working on). Plenty from Northern Italy.

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