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Clifton, New Jersey Family Recipes

Will Pentecost and Eugenia Bertolotti making polenta
Will Pentecost and Eugenia Bertolotti making polenta

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– Neno Mazzer’s Antipasto (after the northern “A”s)

Soups and Stews

Minestrone (after the northern “B”s)

Spinach and egg soup (after the northern “C”s)

Lentil & Salamini Stew (after the northern “D”s)

Tripe (after the northern “E”s)


Radicchio & Rucola (after the northern “F”s)

Pastas, etc.

Risotto Milanese, Pordenone & Treviso styles (after the northern “G”s)

Polenta (and sauces for polenta) (after the northern “I”s)

Lasagna (after the northern “L”s)

Gnocchi (and sauces for gnocchi) (after the northern “M”s)

Spaghetti and Macaroni (after the northern “N”s)
Sauces for pastasciutta
Red clam sauce
White clam sauce
Spaghetti and meatballs

Seafood dishes

Crabs, Moon Mazzer-style . (Mezanotte) (after the northern “O”s)

Bluefish, Gelsie Mazzer-style (after the northern “P”s)

Baccala, Ken Mazzer-style (salad and stew) (after the northern “Q”s)

Eel note (after the northern “Q”s)

Chicken dishes

Note on roast or barbecued chicken (after the northern “R”s)

Chicken Cacciatore (after the northern “S”s)

Meat dishes

Cassola (cassoeula) (after the northern “T”s)

Veal Scallopine (after the northern “V”s)

Veal Marsala (after the central “C”s)

Mary Mazzer’s Sausage & Chicken Stew (after the central “M”s)


String Beans with Tomatoes (after the central “R”s)

Sautéed Mushrooms (after the central “T”s)

Gelsie’s Eggplant (after the central “V”s)

Stuffed Artichokes (after the southern “A”s)


Crostoli (after the southern songs)

Granita (after the southern songs)

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